April 27, 2018

Page Chapter 10 F F 15 Remove the spring holder [1] to remove the spring [2]. Chapter 11 F 4 Open the 4 wire saddles [1] and free the 5 harnesses [3] from the 2 harness guide mouths [2]. Enter the port number and press OK. System Construction Chapter 1 1. Chapter 9 F F 2 Disconnect the connector [1] and free the harness [2] from the guide [3]. Detect the paper delivered from the fixing unit. Enter a user name for authentication and press [Set] button.

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Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to search our extended in-house database and help you with your Canon questions and needs. Chapter 9 F 6 Disconnect canon imagerunner c1022i connector [1] and free the harness [2] from the harness guide [3].

canon imagerunner c1022i Manual Separation Roller Chapter 9 9 Fit the rod [1] with the cutoff of the shaft [2] to remove the rod. Troubleshooting Chapter 12 Canon will release technical information as imagdrunner need arises.

Description Delay jam canon imagerunner c1022i paper pickup section SR The registration sensor cannot detect the leading edge of paper from the moment paper pickup starts to the moment the jam detection time is reached.

Adjustment can be made by changing the setting value. Measure Execute [Foggy image prevention mode]. The 2 laser canon imagerunner c1022i PCBs, the 2 scanner motors, and the 2 polygon mirrors are installed on the laser scanner unit.

Upgrade device internal error phase. When no document is detected, the document is considered to be the last page.


Contents Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Fax Specifications Chapter 1 1.

F 5 Click “Start”. Environmental Change Corrective Control Chapter 8 8. We recommend that you use this option in the default setting. Chapter 15 4 Move the left canon imagerunner c1022i [2] to the position where the 2 screws [1] of the power unit cover can be removed.

Rear Cover Chapter 11 F T System Management Set. Page Chapter 12 F System Management Settings Chapter 1 1. The machine has two pickup inlets; canon imagerunner c1022i cassette and a manual feed tray, and the paper is delivered to the delivery tray. ID Management] and press [Set] key. F 8 Remove the ADF separation pad unit [1]. Page Chapter 19 3 Click “Next”. Changing the values results in an error in communication with UGW.

Counter Chapter 11 Page Chapter 12 F d. Page Chapter 11 Downloading Procedure Chapter 19 Cassette Pickup Solenoid Chapter 9 8 Fit the rod [1] with the cutoff of the shaft [2] to remove acnon canon imagerunner c1022i.

Introduction The imagerunnwr rules apply throughout this Service Manual: The error information are displayed in the following form. Perform printing without a card. Operation Panel Unit Chapter canon imagerunner c1022i F Basic Sequence Chapter 3 3. Disassembling it may cause a functional fault. Page Chapter 12 o. Name resolution was failed due to an incorrect host name or DNS server has been halted.

MFP Canon — Drivers

To switch the canon imagerunner c1022i value: Pull down this menu Stapler Finisher K2. Controlling The Laser Chapter 7 7. The transfer roller is located at the opposite side of the photosensitive drum across the ETB. Do not display the item, 1: Pattern image for color displacement correction The pattern images are formed on both sides of the ETB certain distance away from the center in the following order.

Item Settings System Mgmt. Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure server to encrypt all sensitive information.

Chapter 10 F 10 Remove the 3 gears [1] F 8 Remove the plate [1]. Upper Frame Unit, Before Removing The Upper Frame Unit Chapter 11 – 4 canon imagerunner c1022i [2] F Point to Note at Installation When installing the laser scanner cover, be sure to put the 4 flat cables [2] and the 3 harnesses [3] through the hole [1] of the laser scanner cover in advance. A toner image is formed on paper when the steps in each block are executed in canon imagerunner c1022i.

Automatic Bias Control Chapter 8 8. Chapter 8 Step 6: