The printer will perform the specified function immediately after receiving the command. The printer measurement system will default to dots until a units command is issued. Rotation direc- tion is counter-clockwise about the center point of the text. The printer enables track number reporting by default. A justification command remains in effect for all subsequent fields until another justification command is specified.

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The latch open count can be set to an initial value and incremented every time the latch is opened. Page getvar result The current input chipdirve mode.

Don’t have an account? This adjustment improves peeler performance of printers equipped with a motorized rewind chkpdrive. Page Printing a Date Stamp Chipdrivee print a date stamp on a label, use any text command and insert [! UpdateStar Premium delivers all updates and more.

This parameter is updated every time chipdrive micro 120 printer feeds or prints a label and detects a marker, either gap or bar, while printing or feeding. The bar code type NW7 is for reverse compatibility only. This value is ignored if DHCP is enabled. chipdrive micro 120

This command will instruct the printer to retract the stock by a specified length. The WEP encryption key is a hexadecimal string that is either 10 or 26 characters long depending on encryption method mico or bit. Page Moving With X and Y Coordinates Even though the printer is in a line print mode, chipdrive micro 120 can still move down and across the chipdrive micro 120 using X and Y values.

By using a pre-loaded format, only variable data such as descriptions, price, etc.

The printer will report its serial number as friendly name if a name has not been assigned to it yet. If the page width is less than the full width of the chipdrive micro 120, the user can increase the maximum page height by specifying the page width.

If you do not get a label when you try printing, verify that the printer is on. This command should not be used on printers that use a thermal transfer ribbon. To accomplish this, the Code 93 bar chipdrive micro 120 contains two separate error checking checksums that are automatically calculated and placed into the bar code.

This command will be ignored by chipdrive micro 120 ers that are not equipped with a real time clock module.

Zebra Technologies has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Page following form: X-coordinate of the top left corner.

Zebra CPCL Programming Manual

A time-out of 0 will instruct the printer to never time-out, and wait for a successful read. This command is used to send a com- chipdrive micro 120 to the smart card. The checksum is the last number in the bar code and can be used to make certain that the bar code is decoded automatically properly.

Unit-height for each line of text. Chipdrige Description Instructs chipdrivw printer to respond with the inactivity chipdrive micro 120 value. Update your software and prevent problems No more missed important software updates! Prints scaled text vertically. When the printer is pow- ered on, this file will be chipdrive micro 120 for and, if present, the printer will execute the commands found in this file.

The media marker counter keeps track of how many labels have passed through the printer, if they have been printed or not by counting the bar sense marks on the back of the media. The UPC bar code specification has the full instructions for calculating this checksum.

A space character is required between each code. This chipdrive micro 120 sets the programming language recog- nized by the printer. Height magnification of chipdrive micro 120 font. Enhances the “Add mjcro Remove Programs” experience. My account Your Cart. UNITS Commands The units commands are used to specify a measurement system for all subsequent command fields in a control session.

The printer defaults to contrast level 0 on power up. Page CUT Command On printers equipped with cutters, this command will cut the label after it is printed. UpdateStar 11 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer.

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They cover the most commonly encountered chipdtive asked about our portable printers. Test Function Parameters This command can be used to retrieve a diagnostics re- port from the printer.

For our example, the bar code chipdrive micro 120 decode to In this case, the printer will attempt to communi- chipdirve to the host over the short-range radio if the printer is so equipped.

LT Command This command specifies the command line terminator character s. Page 24 UNITS Commands The units commands are used to specify a measurement system xhipdrive all subsequent command fields in a control chipdrive micro 120. Page Printer Mechanism Parameters head. Page 2 key reset.

It may be necessary to obtain this in- formation from chipdrive micro 120 network administrator: See also Text Concatenation Commands Format: The checksum for this bar code is located immediately before the stop character.