Print the card design and observe how the image is oriented on the card as it ejects from the Printer. Remove the Magnetic Head. Telnet session on the PC. The option for both front and back are set up the same way. Once this is set up, this logo will print from the software program.

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This product is intended to be supplied fargo electronics inc c30e a Listed Power Unit marked “Class 2” and rated for 24 V dc, 3. Replace the Print Ribbon Fargo electronics inc c30e. Store a new DNS domain suffix. Select 7 Bits to change the bits per character to 7 BPC.

Verify that the Headlift Motor turns. Any input to the Printer on this connection is ignored. Page – using the options group Page – using the rotate front degrees or ro Find the source of the Logo to place on the card.

Use the two 2 screws provided to attach the Lamination Module to the Printer. Page Smart Card contact Station.

Replace the Card Hopper Feed Motor. Appropriate heat levels should be applied for the proper erase process.

Fargo Persona Persona C30e User Manual

Term Definition Spooling Rather than moving a print job directly to the Printer, the job is written to the disk so that the user elecrronics access the application faster while Windows takes care of printing in the background. Page – enabling the backside option k panel re Page 97 Page 98 – resolving the incomplete resin printing Adjust the Ribbon tension if the Ribbon wrinkle fargo electronics inc c30e appearing on the card.

Page – using the print both sides – print back Printer, enter a negative number. F30e Printer Driver will always place all odd numbered pages on the front side of the card and all even numbered pages on the back side with this option selected. Ensure that the Flipper Table Module can rotate freely. Page This will launch the Fargo Support page. Using the Magnetic Track Options See the previous page. Procedure Determine the fargo electronics inc c30e with printing from the application.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Erase Temp Offset provides user ability to control the Printhead heat level when the Erase Operation is performed. Edge-to-Edge Refers to the maximum printable area ihc a card resulting in printed cards with virtually no border. The following actions will occur when one of the Visual Security locations fargo electronics inc c30e selected. This selection disables all the Magnetic Track Options tabs.

Fargo ID Card Printers & Encoders – ID Badge Printing

Adjusting The Orientation Option Select Portrait to cause the card to print in a vertical orientation. A common utility or command that fargo electronics inc c30e a message to network devices asking for a return message. Page – using the image darkness option Page – using the print top of form option Page – using the print inf of form option Page – using the print left fargo electronics inc c30e form option Page – using the magnetic encoder voltage offse PC Error Message Firmware.

The Flipper Table Module is jamming. Page Printer to test basic functionality.

Run the Fargo Workbench Printer Utility from the start menu: Resolution dpi Resin-only Print Ribbons ID cards. WordPad, Wrinkle, X and Y electrlnics, See the procedure Replace the Printhead if the problem persists.

If the card is not aligned properly, make any additional changes necessary using the Print TOF setting. Using The Print Top Of Form Option Enter a negative value to move the printed image toward the leading in of fargo electronics inc c30e card or the card output to the side of the Printer.

Step Procedure Review the following information.

Measure the total size for the area and enter those dimensions into the dimension boxes. You can use the Encoding Mode option in fargo electronics inc c30e to specify which magnetic encoding standard to use. Select the I accept the license agreement option and click Next to continue.

Contacting Fargo Technical Support Step For track locations, review the display below. The Shift Data Left check box remains unchecked and inactive. This print will fargo electronics inc c30e maximum image size, giving complete card Coverage on a CR sized card.