Thanks for the info. Power ON printer with 0, 1, 6, 7 at same time For those trying to remanufacture your drum units and are suffering vertical streaking down the page, you need to remove the doctor blade silver blade which sits ontop of the rubber developer roller and clean with isopropanol and a cotton swab. The printer’s great but the cost of toner is eating me alive. I replaced a drum on a black unit and kept getting graying and banding. ANYWAY, I liked the diag 4 screen for the , you could set individual things instead of a full memory wipe, as we did. I print stationery on cardstock so I need each page to be clean.

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Instead the printer literally counts every individual toner dot applied to each page to estimate how much toner remains in the cartridge. oki c5150n


For those trying to remanufacture your drum units and are suffering vertical streaking down the page, you need oki c5150n remove the doctor blade silver blade which sits ontop of the rubber developer roller and clean with isopropanol oki c5150n a cotton swab.

It is easy oki c5150n only takes a few seconds and now everything is oki c5150n up and printing. Any one hwo oki c5150n how to reset this printer. I’m happy to contribute a bit. I have a c or n, I dunno which. Press all four buttons simutaneously, while turning oki c5150n the printer take use of your nose, if nessesary: This took a lot of button gymnastics to figure out, but I hope it is helpful to everyone with a C and it might work on the C since it takes the same consumables, but not sure All the better to get more good quality output from a great printer without having to pay through the nose for the Oki business model!

Have you fixed it yet? Has anyone been successful in replacing a worn or damaged drum??? I don’t understand what device determines when a cartridge is empty.

Oki Cn default password

There are two sets of pins on the left oki c5150n right of the printer. I’ve seen two posted here “aaaaaa” and “”. I could not do with operations on the pki by.

It was printing with a weak black and magenta only – now all colors are bright oki c5150n good as new!

Drivers & Utilities

Any advice on oki c5150n might have caused the initial jam I’d like to get d5150n life out of them If you are referring to original post, you can perform this procedure limitless times.

Then press button 2 to increase the value of the selected digit. Contact Oki oki c5150n support and see if your printer is still under warranty, you will need to give them your printer’s model number and serial number.

Did you try the key sequence from this oki c5150n post? Replacing the drum and wiper doesn’t work.

If so you didn’t empty the oki c5150n toner and your drum is contaminated shot buy a new one. There is also additional problem of separate power switches for the printer and the MPF unit.

Also it should go through a self calibrate. You can reply “give me the code and I’ll stop bugging you every day OKI C, status monitor. I have a with 17, copies on it and the original starter cartridges which I have been refilling.

Do oki c5150n think it would be safe to try the clear, Or should I disconnect the printer from the computer to be safe? Turn the printer on, keeping the “Test” button depressed.

It gets conveyed from the green drum section up the left side of the drum unit and is deposited oki c5150n the oki c5150n cartridge through the center of the section with the large spring onto which oki c5150n toner cartridge is mounted when you install or change the toner cartridge.

As a result my black print is restored the glossy effect of the color print for digital photos is back and I have better printing quality.

I am trying to figure out how to reset everything c515n the Toner, either that or be able to choose what color drum I want to reset. Oki c5150n for the info on where to find it and the part. I rebuilt the black drum on my Okidata Oki c5150n and it still shows a lighter v5150n on the left oki c5150n 1.

I have been having same problems with greytone printing. My fuser is at pages, so changed the fuser life value instead. After reading this thread, I bought oki c5150n “defective” that kept displaying oki c5150n drum messages! Next oik oki c5150n change the OPC, I will make some photos and post them, if anyone should be interested. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: I did not found working instruction to reset counters on this forum and also on google: I print thousands of full color docs without problem.

There are some omi out there that oki c5150n not have the “Chip” that makes contact with the printer itself. Posted on Jul 30, Hi, Thanks for sharing all this information, saved me a fortune on my C and C printers. Turn off the printer Turn the printer on whilst holding down Menu button. I have used their toner for about 2 years with good results. Up till Cc5150n did the reset I only had a toner sensor error which has now been cleared.

So far so good and I hope it lasts. Please enter a valid email address. I’ll try to locate the fuse oki c5150n ok that. Do anybody knows hoy to resolve it?? Hi, Can anyone help oki c5150n I have a cn and has belf life error.

If it doesn’t get emptied, oki c5150n will eventually clog up and stop various plastic gears from turning and cause error messages concerning the transfer x5150n.

If you currently have a error message for drum life, it will continue to appear, but you will still be able to print. Any other oki c5150n for the oki c