Jesus Wed, 30 Jun Would replacing the whole tape assembly likely solve the issue, or is Lori correct about the “processor,” in which case the main board is the culprit? The tape will move down to its place. Then just remove the power lead and you should hear a little click as if something has just moved into place. I just can’t believe this. How I get around it is by leaving the power lead attached to the camera and also the camera battery still in place.

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Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Nothing worked but two AAA batteries to the motor finally did it. Touched the two ‘bumps’ on the motor with wires see runamuffins picture – red positive wire to the left and the black negative on the left bumps.

The camera is positioned so that the LCD sony handycam dcr-hc96 is at the top of his picture. The 15 s reset with no batteri and sony handycam dcr-hc96 powersource in and camera mode at “on”. My name is Constantine an i am an electronics technician from greece.

Refer to Constantine’s article from December 8th, and Dave’s from November 30th, I had a Gordon Mon, 05 May My HC9 developed this problem this week.

We were making a documentary project sonu there. This worked for me. I used to have only problems with SONY since very beginning of their video cameras. Sony handycam dcr-hc96 off thanks to whoever suggested smacking the hell out of it.

Sony Dcr Hc94e Hc96 Hc96e Service

I suspect that I keep missing whatever sensor tells the camera where the tape tray is, but I’ve sony handycam dcr-hc96 it sony handycam dcr-hc96 and it just won’t catch. Today Ssony thought I’d make another and wanted to take the tape out simply because I forgot what they were called and wanted to buy more. Didn’t want to move it too fast and damage other stuff. This genius guy fixed mine http: I have been a loyal Sony customer my entire life because Sony used to mean quality.

Saying re-attach power supply with doors opened. I get dcr-hx96 error code C: Yonel Tue, 08 Apr Nevertheless, I never liked repairing malfunctioning mechanisms by hitting them.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

I used a sata power cable modified like the pic I have and feed the prongs onto the motor until i lowers and the tape door shuts. After whacking it, I’ve found it’s working IF I use the proper combination of remove sony handycam dcr-hc96 power souce, turn it off, plug it in, try to close it, turn it on something along those lines. PCW Fri, 28 May Chris Tue, 03 May Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow.

sony handycam dcr-hc96

I have a sony HC96e camera. I think my camera down and up the door while is turn on. All other funcitions appear to work zooming, night vision etc Please Help! Constantine Sat, 05 Dec We are also in the sony handycam dcr-hc96 of getting the panel basically the whole insides of our Sony TV replaced for the second time in probably 6 months thank God we got the sony handycam dcr-hc96 warranty.

Handhcam battery handycaj AC cord back in.

They were in heats of Australia, and moisture of Japan, cold of northern Canada and ultra humid of jungles and under the Niagara falls literally. The top of the tape sony handycam dcr-hc96 should now pop open when it extends fully from the camera. I tried everything sony handycam dcr-hc96 at it for about 4 hours. I am now getting a C: Sonj amazing than something so strange works.

So Dave’s method of putting power to the motor itself worked for me I got probes so I somy have to unscrew anything.

The red arrow is the positive cable and the white arrow is the negative cable. Next, with the towel still around the camera I used the handle end sony handycam dcr-hc96 a screw driver to “joust” the camera a bit more Given the number of messages sony handycam dcr-hc96 this appears to be an inherent design fault, and I’d expect my Sony to work for well beyond three years. The solution I found for this problem, no kidding, please sony handycam dcr-hc96 closing the cam even with the error appearing,is to remove the battery off the cam keeped in on position.

I’ve taken extra good care of it, having bought a comfy storage bag and all, still, the other day when I had just finished a tape and ejected it, the tape compartment would just not close. I thought it was going to be a throw away item I’m thinking of printing up this page and sending it to the CEO although they state they don’t look at non Sony web pages.

The real solution sony handycam dcr-hc96 to locate which gear in the camera is sticking and resolve that issue. I think maybe I’ll try hitting it a bit harder, maybe with the 8 lb wood splitting axe I have in the garage.

I pushed up on the “latch” see Julie’s image and the tape will eject. Fingers crossed I dont have to do this sony handycam dcr-hc96 often. I tried sony handycam dcr-hc96 after taking out battery, resetting, whacking etc. Is there an internal fuse in the camera that i may have blown or have i done something more serious: Allow me to introduce my self.

But I tried at least 5 times before it worked out, tho.