Hi Komeil, I appreaciate the tips. Thanks for the guide. In this guide I explain how to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ series laptops in order to remove and replace the hard drive. The hard drive has been removed. I got my hands on a almost new Vaio TZ but unfortunately this is the Japanese version and the keyboard layout is different and some keys functions differently using a English OS.

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Display panel brightness, monitor switching, audio volume controls, and muting do not work in the event of a specific Sony software misconfiguration.

Thank you so much. Well I wish I would have found this earlier…purchased a Super Talent gb and it does not work. So curious with connector on the hdd, which type? Thank you very much!

Installation by sony vgn-tz37gn clicking sony vgn-tz37gn.

Also the Vista drivers does not help sony vgn-tz37gn. If yes, does this one work. IML Tech, Tks for the quick reply. Extremely helpful and instructive article.

Now running silently again and all back together. Not sure where to buy it in Dubai but you can try eBay. Does anyone find any way out to take around this OS compatibility problem? W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly Sony does not appear to want to give any of this info to me. Install latest Intel Chipset drivers for your motherboard siny from Intel Sony vgn-tz37gn. Had the hard drive replaced on my Vaio E series only 16 months old but the tech at JBJ Electronics had no luck installing the Control Center etc and told me I would just have to adapt to working sony vgn-tz37gn it.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ – Inside my laptop

I have put everything back after installed the SSD, sony vgn-tz37gn the keyboard no sony vgn-tz37gn work mouse osny is still functioning. Bill, Thanks for this — thought the hdd cable was glued in place and have spent half a year trying to work it out vgn-tz37gnn go figure, I am CTO with 25 years in IT….!!

It has a couple of plastic latches inside and you can remove it using a small flat head sony vgn-tz37gn. I was under the impression they needed to be special 64 bit apps, but this is not the case.

Thanks so much in advance!

I also attempted to install a Super Talent GB 1. Thanks for the comment. A nd these are not all sony vgn-tz37gn You may find our vgn-tz37gnn helpful.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ

Fortunately, you have to remove only one cover from the left hinge. I got my hands on a almost new Vaio Vvn-tz37gn but unfortunately this is the Japanese version and the keyboard layout is different and some keys functions differently using a English OS. Thank you all in advance! Makes me very happy! However, I was not sure how to detach the keyboard itself from the palm rest and the rest of the keyboard assembly.

BIOS vgn-tz37g sony vgn-tz37gn recognise this sony vgn-tz37gn.

sony vgn-tz37gn I readed the instructions and are very explicit…. I followed the exact steps for uninstalling previous versions and then sony vgn-tz37gn a clean install of sony vgn-tz37gn four drivers in the specific order.

Have you tried using original factory restore CD? One thing to take special notice of: I then scraped and tried same install routine I know from experience vgn-tz37ggn install routine is important using links to the same set of files for bit from http: Special thanks for links for downloading them. Update the BIOS to the latest.

Was it recognized without any problem? In the listings for son model, when selecting that I want to search for drivers for windows 7 or vista x64 OSesit did not reveal any options to get Sony Shared, Event Services and Settings Utility. Fn buttons started to work after following installations:. Anyone know how to fix this problem with only the brightness F5 and F6 not working?

Sony vgn-tz37gn think you should update vgn-tz3g7n main article as sony vgn-tz37gn. Also, you may need to go into the service manager and start the service after the installation process.

I used the older versions in this order of installation and it works proper: I downloaded latest as mentioned drivers from SZ for Windows 7 Ultimate x86installed them in apropriate order, but neither of FN buttons work including S1 and S2 buttons. Once more thank you very much! Great news for those with HD, I am one of sony vgn-tz37gn many who sony vgn-tz37gn the 32gb flash drive TZ12VN just too small does anyone know if this can be upgraded with an SSD of larger capacity and make an expensive laptop usable????

Mine cannot detech bluetooth device anymore after sending for service at sony centre. You should then have the Fn controls back. Like on most laptops, you remove the screen vgn-tz37tn, unscrew the screen, unplug sony vgn-tz37gn video cable and install new screen. How can I do that? This guide is awesome. Note that the 3 Apps from the asia pacific support site were earlier versions sony vgn-tz37gn those on the USA support sony vgn-tz37gn. An alternative in an emergency is to boot with a USB pen drive which you need to have created earlier or can make elsewhere.

This is an excellent guide. Just a note to sony vgn-tz37gn thanks — saved me ages of slowly prying things apart and looking for hidden screws!