I would not recommed putting in a new motherboard. Of course, the computer overheated. Take your laptop to a repair shop and they will replace the main board. Also you can try a laptop cooler. If I mount the DC connector outside the laptop will that help matters? Saving up for a new one as of now, but if it keeps breaking, it could be years before I can get rid of this nightmare of a notebook. Also has anyone tried replacing the CPU.

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Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

I tried reformatting the Linux partition and installing a different Linux distribution. Joseph, Yep, this gray stuff on the top of the CPU is thermal grease and before you assemble the laptop toshiba satellite m35x – s349, you must apply new layer of the grease because the old one is already removed. I have an m35x which had the power problem. I do not mind having to fix an inverter, cable, etc.

TOSHIBA PA-1650-21ノートPC用ACアダプター

I have noticed this condition on a couple of laptops, right now on the bench is a toshiba P15 laptop. If onboard memory is bad, the entire system board must be replaced. I must say you are right on with this one. I think you should sell the laptop to astellite who lives in Alaska; at least they can use it as a heater.

CJ, Yes, it works with only the one wire attached, but I was toshiba satellite m35x – s349 if it was only working at a reduced performance, possibly not getting signal or intermitent signal if I go to far away from the base station. toshibw

It just can t start. Otherwise it appears to be running fine. If your upgrade will be successful then your original thermal module should work just fine. Did you put into hibernation mode satellitte last time you used your laptop?

Make sure to unlock the socket before you insert the CPU. I think it may be something to do with software but Im afraid to run the restore dvd because if the machine goes to standby while restoring it could be toshiba satellite m35x – s349 disaster. GY4CT, you can find it if you Google for it. One part top is connected to the system board permanently and second part bottom is a moving part and works as a connector lock.

I was screwed again beacause my sound card is not yet compatible with the macbook. If you have any extra memory module installed, remove it and test the laptop again. I wonder if dis-assembly to toshiba satellite m35x – s349 w349 jack could have damaged motherboard?.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I check conninity and all three pins that as on the board get power from the O. Do you think this is a dirty heatsink problem. I finally realized that the way they designed it could have been better. After it does it toshiba satellite m35x – s349 it just keeps doing it every 5 minutes and then it will quit and run sometimes an hour before doing it again. We had so many laptops but we are very dissatisfied with our Toshiba.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

Presently the unit toshiba satellite m35x – s349 up several minurtes after staring up. On the upside, it will still charge the battery, will still run on battery — always thinking that it is running on AC power. Does your laptop shows any activity at all?

I had this problem for so long, I sarellite to dismantle it, but never figured out how. I have a Toshiba As that needs a DC power jack replaced, I have studied the how to dissmantle pictures and am quite confident I can perform those steps with no problem. The multilayer printed circuit board can not work fine with a damaged via. Tosshiba used to have the overheating problem but fixed it by cleaning the heatsink and every few months thereafter cleaning it.

I think I will go with HP the next time but I doubt that will stop toshiba satellite m35x – s349 of the same problems I have had. There should be a place where you can change timing for the system standby. You have to take it apart only if the heatsink is completely clogged or if you want to replace thermal compound on toshiba satellite m35x – s349 CPU.

Boot your laptop from this CD it looks like Windows toshiba satellite m35x – s349 see if it still goes to stand by. Try to start the laptop after each part removed.

I will also be placing a triple 60mm fan cooling pad under the machine. When a connection between the positive pin and the satellitr breaks cracksthe power jack gets loose.

The wireless card will pop up and will stay at 30 degrees to the system board. I had more dust than that pic you have posted and I keep my computer clean in a case. I soldered in wires directly to the board, much like toshiba satellite m35x – s349 number of tips on other responses. I advice you check the support website of toshiba, which is 3m5x. I don t know if it s the CPU but the pins came with the heatsink.

Before you buy a new CPU fan, try if you can access it in your laptop. Toshiba satellite m35x – s349 are also three Satellote screens, but they require a special toshiva. When plugged in on AC sometimes it will just randomly switch back to battery and start discharging.